What Message is your Skin Sending?

What Message is your Skin Sending?


Our skin is the first organ to "show our age". It is affected by everything we put in and on our bodies, diet being the most important factor (because eating is something we do everyday, several times a day for our entire lives). We have our chronological age, which is our age in years, and then there's our biological age--our age at a cellular level, indicating our health and wellbeing, and reflecting all our choices up until the present.

When we look at our skin, it tells us so much about the state of our health and wellbeing on our insides, both physically, and emotionally. Since every part of us is interconnected, our skin is a great messenger for us. Take a look at your skin in the mirror: is it clear and radiant, or is it dull and blemished? Is it smooth, or does it look dry, scaly, and rough?

Now apply these questions to your internal world: Are your emotions clear and radiant? Or are your emotions not so clear (blocked, pushed away), dull, or even heavy? Does your inner world feel dry, or well-watered and nourished? You can also apply these questions to your physical health and any symptoms you may be having. The skin always reflects what's going on inside.

There are several factors that affect our skin (and overall health and wellbeing): what we eat and drink, what we put on our skin, how we daily move our bodies (you can call it exercise if you want to), adequate rest and sleep, and how we manage our stress. The good news is we are able to make positive choices influencing each area.  And even though the healthy choices are simple and uncomplicated, our culture often sends us messages that can confuse us.

Let's break it down, according to the factors listed above:

1. The healthiest diet we can eat will be mostly plant-based (organic), and will not include processed foods, heavy meats, sugar, and very little if any alcohol. This diet, chosen as a lifestyle will contribute to beautiful, radiant skin, and good health.

2. Our healthiest choices for body care products will be as close to nature-produced as possible and contain little to NO chemicals. This will contribute to beautiful skin and vibrant health, with the least amount of stress on body to detoxify stuff we should not be using.

3. A daily habit of moving, especially that we enjoy, will greatly benefit our skin and health. It we sweat daily, even better as this help to detoxify our bodies.

4. Sleeping and resting enough on a consistent basis helps us to recharge our batteries and helps us avoid depletion, which always show up on our skin and around our eyes.

5. How we choose to react to life's stress (we all have it, it's part of this life!) is critical. We can choose to nurture ourselves through tough times with healthy choices, and by reminding ourselves that we can and will make it through the challenging times. And by allowing the care one loving of others help us when we need it.

Easier said than done? Sometimes, yes. But impossible? Never. We have been created with a free will and resilience, and resourcefulness. Yes, we have been "fearfully and wonderfully created" and in the image of our most amazing Creator. Let's never forget this!

Meet me here next time to take a look at the wonder and power of plants to protect and heal us. I will also discuss each of the factors above in depth!





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