My Favorite Books about Essential Oils

Just a quick glance at my book shelves reveals at least 50 or more books about Essential oils. I have to admit that I have purchased every Aromatherapy book (printed in english) that I’ve been able to find. (I keep checking some of the French titles, and hoping  they’ve been translated.) People often ask me what books are my favorites, and what would I most recommend. Good questions. I have many that seem to have just all copied information from the same source (or one another). And then I have those books that I have read numerous times and know I will read again. They’re often in nearby piles or in my kitchen bookshelf. (I’ll give you the list of my favorites in just a bit.)

These days I’m choosy and deliberate about the teachers I study and learn from. I want to know what they believe in, what they value, and why they are sharing their information. I want to spend my precious time learning from those who value life, who believe in God and Jesus, and who want to help others with their knowledge. (This doesn’t mean I won’t read other material. In fact I do, so that I know what’s “out there”.)

So! If you were to ask me about my favorite books about essential oils, here is the list:

1. The Chemistry of Essential Oils (God’s Love Manifest in Molecules) by Dr. David Stewart. (My hands-down FAVORITE!)

2. Guide to Home Use of Essential Oils by Dr. Daniel Penoel and Rose-Marie Penoel.

3. Essential Oils Desk Reference (compiled by Essential Science Publishing).

4. Aromatherapy for Women by Maggie Tisserand.

5. The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood.

6. Life Helping Life by Dr. Daniel Penoel and Rose-Marie Penoel.

7. Aromatherapy for Dummies by Kethi Keville.

8. Healing Oils of the Bible by Dr. David Stewart.

If you are new to essential oils, I would recommend beginning with “Aromatherapy for Dummies” and “The Complete book of Essential Oils”. These books will help you understand what the oils are and how to use them for health and wellness. They both have overviews of specific oils and their uses.

If you are a woman, (especially if you’re a mom), I would read “Aromatherapy for Women”. There is information about women’s gynecology and sexual health issues, pregnancy and childbirth, and children’s illnesses. It’s practical, useful, and you’ll refer back to it often.

The two books by Daniel and Rose-Marie Penoel are guides for using essential oils amedicines in your home. These are both very valuable in giving  instructions how to use the oils for specific symptoms.( I used these all throughout my daughter’s childhood with very good results.) 

The Essential Oils Desk Reference is probably the most comprehensive reference for the use of specific oils and why they work. While this book endorses the use of Young Living oils, there are many other excellent quality oils available. I highly recommend this book for reference. (Most of the information in this book can be found through many sources on the web as well.)

I’ll tell you more about Dr. David Stewart’s books in my next post.

If you have a favorite book or resource, please share it here with us.

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