We are all Creators

We are all Creators


Most of us are SO HAPPY when creating something! I believe it's because we are created in the image of the most loving God, and one who is the Master Creator. Have you painted lately? Made a little pottery? Planted in your garden? Done some woodworking? Written a song? There are so many creative outlets, and we all have a natural love and knack for one or another. 

Lately, well actually the last 3 plus years I have been taking classes and painting. It is a place of joy for me. And so I have decided to share some of my artwork with you through the availability of cards form some of my happy artwork. I hope they bring you delight and joy! And I hope you find your place of joy in whatever artistic endeavor you feel drawn too! 

For the joy of it,

Bonnie Juma

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about the founder

My name is Bonnie. I’m a lover of nature and beauty. I’m a mom, a business woman, baker, gardener and a teacher and lifelong student. I have a passion for making and finding products that nurture, nourish, and delight. Mafu (pronounced may-foo and short for “Made for you”) is a collection of products that are made from plants, grown from seeds, gifted to us by our Creator. They are some of the freshest, most nourishing products you will find. Welcome to our little corner of Goodness and Beauty.

xo Bonnie