Dandy Blend Tea, 1/2 lb.

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About This Product

Most coffee drinkers consider Dandy Blend Tea a satisfying substitute, or another option when they don't want the caffeine and acid in regular coffee. Dandy Blend tea is caffeine-fee, gluten-free, and contains organic dandelion root, sugar beet, chicory root and gluten-free roasted barley and rye. 

(Dandelion root has many health nurturing benefits: it stimulates digestion and alkalizes the body, detoxifies the liver, and more.) 

To Prepare a Cup: Stir 1-3 tsp. tea blend in 8 oz. hot water. Gently stir (there will be a lovely white creaminess on the top of your drink). Enjoy as is or add a tsp. of coconut oil for extra delicious-ness. You may also prepare as a latte. Instructions will be included with your bag of Dandy Blend. Enjoy!