About Us

From an early age, I loved being surrounded by orchards, gardens and fresh flowers. I delighted in watching my grandmother transform berries into beautiful, delicious jellies. I was fascinated by the beautiful garden that resulted from planting tiny seeds each spring with my father. My mother would welcome and celebrate visitors with fresh-cut peonies or lilacs at their bedside.

As years went by, both Scripture and science captured my heart and mind. I embraced the message of Genesis—that God had created the plants with seeds in them, and He told us they were "for us.” They were given to us for our good, and for our well-being.

Over the years, my background in Nursing and studies in Natural Therapies have inspired me to explore the connection between the fresh, pure gifts of the earth and how they nurture our mind, body and spirit. My passion is to share this knowledge and help others understand the abundant ways in which essential oils, spices, and herbs can enrich their lives.

Mafu is the manifestation of these passions, blending the beauty and gentleness of plant extracts and essential oils with mindful intention. From serums to botanical perfumes, each product is made with love and care in small batches, intuitively formulated to bring out its simple, effective gifts of nature.