1. What are the quality standards for Mafu products?

We believe that products should nurture you and your wellbeing, and never harm you, the planet, or other beings. For this reason, all ingredients used in Mafu products are Organic, non-GMO, vegan, and never tested on animals.  They are what we call "heirloom ingredients," derived from seeds that have not been altered. We create  our beautiful products first for personal use, and it is our honor and joy to share them with you as well, which is why we will never compromise these standards.

2. What does Mafu mean?

Our name is derived from the simple belief in the goodness of the seeds of our Creator. They were made for us. Made for you (ma-fu):

“Let the earth burst forth with every sort of grass and seed-bearing plant, and fruit
trees with seeds inside the fruit, so these seeds will produce the kinds of plants
and fruits they come from.” Genesis 1:11-12 LB

3. Why was Mafu started?

Mafu was born out of founder Bonnie Juma's passion for blending and using pure, natural products. Initially, Bonnie simply wanted to find the purest products for her own personal body care, so she began by creating her own Face Serum. She fell in love with the product—how it moisturized her skin, how applying it (pre-make-up) made her skin glow, and how beautiful it made her feel. She began sharing the Face Serum with friends and family. Then she began teaching others about the product and the benefits of each ingredient. The rest is history. The Face Serum formula has remained unchanged since its creation in 1996!

Over the years, the Mafu collection has grown and the business has evolved to combine two of Bonnie's greatest passions. The first: sharing information and education in order to empower you to be healthier, and to make wise choices in your self-care. The second: sharing good and beautiful products with you.

3. Does Mafu wholesale their products?

Yes. Please contact us for more information regarding our wholesale program and policies. Or order directly through this link: 

4. What are your shipping and return policies?

We send out all orders via USPS Priority and charge accordingly. We want you to
be satisfied with your products and will accept returns on barely used (less than 
1/10th used) products within 14 days of purchase. We reimburse the price of the product, but not shipping costs. 

5. Do you have classes or workshops available?

Bonnies teaches many classes and workshops locally in the Detriot Lakes, Minnesota area. We are also working on making online classes available in the near future. If you would like to book Bonnie for one of your gatherings or events, please contact us.

6. Do you formulate or blend custom products?

Yes. If you'd like a custom product made and packaged, please contact us. Our custom blends make beautiful gifts for brides, wedding parties, anniversaries, and other special events.