About Us

Welcome to BJnaturals 

Hi! Someone once said that science is “real” when it inspires us, and leaves us more in awe of creation than we were before. I believe this is true, and after years of studying essential oils and the healing qualities of plants, I am amazed. Essential oils perfectly complement our bodies and support the systems that help keep us healthy. They nurture our wellbeing--all of it: body, mind, and spirit. The BJnaturals line has been evolving since 1997 because of my own search for pure skin and body care products. We use only ingredients from the earth (made by our Creator, God), with NO chemicals added. All products are blended to nurture you, and to please you. Every product is a blend of 100% pure and natural botanicals. Love that!
   Thanks for stopping by and for sharing in our celebration of beauty and wellbeing.


A little more about me...

 What I know to be True:

We are here from love and for love.
Love is our highest calling.
We are created to have loving relationships with God, self, and others.
Where ever there is relationship, there is potential for much beauty and joy.
There is a healing life force in essential oils and the seeds that God gave us.
What a blessing this life is!